Killing Me Softly With Red Beans

June 08, 2005


I just ate a ridiculously large amount of red beans and rice. And I feel like an inflated pink pig balloon that’s just about to pop.

I cooked them last night. For the dad and the stepmom.

They came over and fixed our little problem. Chad installed a new garbage disposal sans plumbers putty and apparently that’s a really BAD step to leave out. When I finally did get to inspect the damage last night, there were large brown chunks of “mystery glop” under the cabinet. I almost vommed right there. Thank GOD for my dad and Sara!!!

Anyway – this was the first time I’ve actually cooked anything in ages. I was sweating like a horse. It was really pathetic.

In the meantime, Mr. LeBlanc was having lobster in Trenton, NJ and then later ‘swishing and swirling’ in fresh hotel sheets.

Does anyone see what is wrong with this picture?

So, my good man, let me get this straight . . . you are home for weeks at a time doing absosmurfly nothing (least of all fixing garbage disposal disasters of your own making) and THEN you fly fly away to work for maybe 6 hours a day, then eat lobster dinners and bask in the comfy solitude of a nice hotel room?

I think he should be carrying the baby.


Sorry Shmoo – I know it’s real tough being on the road so much.

Okay – now I’m serious – I know it’s tough. But when you call me at night to let me know about your day – please make it sound just a titch tougher.

So –

In other news.

I am OBSESSED with this site: Found Magazine

It’s so great! I’ve found a few things in my day and have always curiously held onto them. In fact, several months ago, I found a note in a parking lot and was ridiculed by co-worker for keeping it. But now I see that I’m not so unusual. Soooooooo now I know where to send my finds.

I am 16 weeks pregnant today:

Here’s the scoop:

Age of Fetus—14 weeks
This week the baby's muscles are continuing their development. The baby is going through motions to prepare for life outside the womb. Now the baby can kick with its legs, turn its feet in and outward at the ankles and even curl its toes. The baby's head has experienced significant growth, but during this month the body will now begin to grow faster than the head.

Other changes that are happening:
• The baby's head and neck will straighten more this week as back muscles get stronger and more bone is formed.
• Toenails are now forming from the nail bed.
• Rapid growth of the baby may result in you showing and the need to switch to looser fitting maternity clothes.

Baby's Size (head to rump) this week: About 4.3 to 4.7 inches

Weight: Approximately 2.75 ounces

Right now your baby would fill the size of your open palm and fingers.

I’ve been looking into the palm of my hand all day long and smiling like a goon.

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Our First Baby is Due on November 23!!!
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