Writer’s Block

October 12, 2005

So brain-dead lately. I think it’s the Zoloft.

Did I mention I made the switch? Not so bad – only I almost took an axe to the copier yesterday – but I think that’s pregnancy hormones related.

Anyway – the Zoloft does make me feel like a zombie for at least 3 or 4 hours. And it’s not doing much for my intelligence either. It was only this afternoon that I realized:

Oh wait . . . me no have to take Zoloft at 9 in morning! Me can take Zoloft before bedtime. That way me sleep good. Me sleep very good.

Anyway – just a few brief updates:

I am 34 weeks pregnant today. I have not written a “Hey Jude” letter since August and I already feel like a bad mother. However – we’ve been chatting quite a bit in person – so I think that counts.

I totally passed my 3-hour glucose screen!!!

Oh and the 3d imaging didn’t work again last week. They told me to wait 3 weeks and come back. Thank GOD we don’t have to pay each time we go back. I guess I’ll go back in three weeks – but I don’t know.

My feet and ankles are now pretty much swollen all the time. I was ridiculously worried until I thought “Is this actually dangerous? Is this actually hurting me?”

I couldn’t find anything online.

Thus – it must be true.

(Have also been waaaaaaaaay too reliant on Google search result advice, these days.)

Anyway – can’t think of anything clever to say. Can barely type with my sausage fingers.

More soon I hope.

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