The Mickey

I have to relay the stories of what happened at the homestead while I was away in Dallas.

As I may have mentioned before, Chad and Mr. B were going to have their first time all alone together. This was a little disconcerting to Chad because, as you know, Mr. B sleeps with me and Chad sleeps in his own bed. So - if I wasn't there, where was Mr. B going to be? I mean - he needs to be with a member of "the pack" at all times usually - if one or more of the pack is present. So - we discussed this ahead of time. I told him to let Mr. B sleep on the floor in blankets at the foot of the bed.

Chad worried that he would walk around the room in the night to get water and his toenails would click on the wood floor and wake Chad up.

Not to worry - said I.

Just set up a system of rugs from the blanket to his water dish. He should take the rugs there and voila - no clicking!

He said he would try it.

I spoke to him on Monday - after night one. He said that he had slept a total of 30 minutes.

Mr. B apparently decided to pace for the majority of the night and RUGS BE DAMNED! It was "click click click click" all night. Chad tried screaming and reasoning. Nothing worked. Chad would secure him back into the blanket, but as soon as the lights were out, "click click click" he was pacing, sniffing, whining and taking "very loud" drinks of water (LAP LAP LAP).

Did I mention Chad has severe problems sleeping?

Eventually Chad decided that Mr. B would do better on the couch - out of utter frustration and desperation he carried him to the couch and then went back to his room and slammed the door. Mr. B did not come a-knocking.

So on Monday he's very nervous about that night. He's not sure what to do. I tell him, "Well you know pet stores sell sedatives for animals that are going on plane rides and such...maybe you should go pick one up." We were having this conversation way too late though, it was already 9:30 at night.

So i say, well - when he was sick, the vet told me to give him the child's dosage of benadryl. That knocked him out.

"I'm going to the store now" Chad replied.

I heard all about it the next day.

Instead of buying benadryl which they didn't have, he bought Nyquil - cherry flavored, which he figured a dog would like.

He arrived home and poured a child's dosage into the little cup that comes with the medicine.

He places the cup before the dog, who looks at the cup then to him then back to the cup. He hesitantly sticks his tongue in the liquid to taste it, and withdraws it quickly. He looks away from the cup, in apparent disgust. He's not buying this.

Chad is getting more frustrated. He decides to place the cup in the center of Mr. B's food bowl, in the midst of his kibbles.

He brings Mr. B to his bowl and commands him to consume. Mr. B, ever so carefully, dips his head into the bowl and picks up the little cup of liquid with his teeth. He removes it from the bowl and releases it from his teeth grip and all over the kitchen floor. Chad is exasperated at this point. He turns to gather up dishtowels and the like to clean up the mess and turns around to see a trail of little red pawprints leading out of the kitchen and into the living room. Not only has Mr. B spilled his medicine, he has stepped in it as well and proceeded to track it around the house.

Chad finally resorts to putting the Nyquil on Ritz crackers and feeding them one by one to him, which he heartily consumes.

They both retire to bed and sleep undisturbed. Chad has to physically shake him to wake him the next morning, but all is well. No long term effects, we hope.

So that's the story of the mickey! I thought it was hilarious!

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