The weekend

Well - sorry I didn't write over the weekend. It simply flew by. Not much went on, though.

Friday night we went out to eat- to Copeland's Steakhouse. My general mood was pissy. It all began when I ordered a $6 white russian thinking that surely it would not arrive in the thimble that it did! So after one long sip, it was done and I was infuriated with the restaurant. We both ordered steaks. Mine was a touch overseasoned. I was just in a foul mood. For one thing -I wasn't sure I really wanted steak after I placed the order. I was kinda thinking I wanted chicken and eggplant parm. So Chad was like- yeah if you get that - since it's so much cheaper, you can order another drink. So we call the waitress over and tell her we want to change- and she's all "Well I already put in the order and your steak is already on the grill = so..."

Then she goes into this little spiel about how great the steaks are and how i won't regret it.


I was like- whatever happened to the customer is always right?

Anyway - so no more drink and then I had to eat the steak which was overseasoned.

I was like - I bet if i had fucking ordered the chicken parm and then tried to change it to steak - oh it would have been NO problem for them. "Oh you want to order something that costs 8 bucks more. Gladly!"

Stupid people.

After dinner we went home and hung out. I don't remember what we did exactly. I think I was reading diaries and such.

Saturday I lazed around like a bum while he went to his Geneology Society meeting. He is obsessed with Geneology as of late.

I finally got out at about 3:00 and went to buy mother's day gifts and cards. Got them both sterling silver prayer boxes. Must mail my mother's this week.

That night Chad was supposed to cook a pork tenderloin, but didn't feel like it, so we had crappy local chinese buffet. I felt guilty. Had a good fortune, though. Something about success is mine, or something.

Then we hung out at home, watching TV, etc. Not too excited.

Yesterday was Mr. B's maiden voyage to Chad's parent's house. He had the time of his life! I've never seen him so happy!

They have a big back yard with tons of bushes and flower beds so he was exploring for hours. They also have several chickens and a rooster that live next door, so he went to the fence and barked and barked at them. He'd never seen a chicken or rooster.

We had a really great time.

Came home relatively late and I had the headache that ate New York. Drank a vodka and cran but that didn't improve it. Took a hot bath and that helped some. Ended up going to bed pretty early.

So here I am at work. I've been here since 7:45 so perhaps I get to leave early.

I wish.

More later

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