Beautiful Day

Well - today was a great day! I'm feeling great! I think it's all this fruit I've been eating. It's like a drug! I have so much energy it's crazy! So - I'm doing good. Oh and my cousin Gretchen introduced me to this incredible site! It's! So cool. It's a log so that you can keep all of your nutrition info and food for the day - etc. Basically, it means that I won't be using this diary to blab on and on about what food I've had for the day. Isn't that a relief?

I got a raise today!

Little did I know that I was supposed to have a review a month ago. We didn't know because we thought it was a year wait - but it wasn't.

So - she gave me a raise and established my position as permanent - it was a three year probational position. Isn't that awesome? I was so excited!

And things are a little better at Chad's work. Some incredible things happened today. Long story short - he may be able to get a job in the same building but doing something different and HR is helping him all the way. He's got these 2 HR ladies on his side. I'm very glad about it.

Chad and I bought a smoothie machine yesterday at Target. I don't think I mentioned that.

Anyway - we made our first smoothies tonight. They were great!

So - things are looking up and I'm already feeling better. I keep telling myself - you are worth it! You are worth more than you give yourself credit for! You can do this! You have to love yourself!

Well - that's all for now. More tomorrow. Tomorrow is my early day so I need to take my shower tonight.

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