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I went to a meeting this morning and was journaling in the meeting because I was so bored. This is what I wrote:

I am sitting at this workshop in Hammond, hoping that we don't have to do Break out sessions or something where I'll have to speak on behalf of our system. Makes me nervous.

I can't believe I've lost 4 pounds since Monday! I'm so excited! These chairs are narrow though, and as soon as I sat down, I was reminded of how big I still am and it made me sad. I mean, logically, I know I haven't made huge progress, but I've started to really "feel" smaller.

I hate coming to these things. I always feel dumb. Oh well . . .

I ignored the breakfast spread. It wasn't even hard to do! HA!

Later . . .

Had a break. Came back to the auditorium early which was mostly empty. I found out the seats in the center section ARE bigger. I just sat in one. This whole time I've been thinking it was my imagination. Pretty funny.

Okay - I'm going to make a list of things to look forward to as I lose weight and reach my goal:

1. Wearing shorts (haven't in 3 years!)

2. Being comfortable in ANY chair.

3. Walking and not getting out of breath so quickly.

4. Sleeveless shirts and dresses!

5. Wearing dresses!

6. No fear of flying (seatbelts, etc)

7. Shopping at Chicos.

8. Shopping at Ann Taylor.

9. Shopping at the Limited.

10. The MISSES section!

11. Less sweating!

12. Swimsuits.

13. Going swimming.

14. GREATER SEX! (and in more interesting locations!)

15. Dancing in public.

16. High school reunions.

17. Family reunions and get togethers.

18. Dr's visits (the look on my oncologists and radiologists faces!)

19. Lingerie.

20. Water parks.

21. Riding rollercoasters and other rides.

22. So long skin tags! (I wonder if that's just a fat person problem or what? Will have to look it up.)

So that's what I wrote today and now I'm at work eating a power bar. I will write more later. Still feeling great.

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