So – sixteen pounds as of this morning’s weigh in! Hurrah for me. I knew that I just needed to have an extended meeting with Mr. Commode.

Anyway – I’m happy to be back on track with everything. I didn’t give up hope, thank God.

So – what else is new? Not too much – went on shoequest #4,576 last night. The shoe in question – a brown dressy sandal – which doesn’t seem to exist in my size and price range- at least not in the stores I went to. In my mind I envision a single band of dark brown polished crocodile skin- about 1.5 inches in width – and a 1.5 inch heel on the back – a simple sort of sling – no other straps than the band across the top. Oh well – I will continue the quest tonight I think.

Agh- phone’s ringing. It’s my brother. Okay – now I’m off. He’s so funny. He’s in the beginner guitar class, only he’s been playing for 10 years, so he’s really good – TOO good for the class, really – but the teacher likes him. So, today they had to sing and play a song and the teacher put him last (as if to save the best for last) and he felt like a jerk and like he’d alienated himself from all of his classmates. Then he went into a spiel about this Indian guy in the class who sang “Hotel California” in a very high pitched Ravi Shankar-ish voice. He was imitating the guy and laughing hysterically. Silly boy.

So – after my shoe quest I came home and ate a boca burger and baked fries – quite a perfect alternative to the usual burger and fries. I think I like it BETTER actually. Then we just sat around watching Seinfeld reruns and then Sex and the City.

Oh and I gave my shot to myself last night. I hesitated right before I stuck it in – and let out a little whimper. Then I just got it over with. It was fine, except for in the aftermath it felt like the worst mosquito bite ever. It itched so bad I thought I’d go insane.

I had the most bizarre dream ever!!! I dreamt that somehow I was running through all of these backyards- as though something were chasing me. And I happened upon this one back yard where I could see that lights were on. All I had on was a towel. Anyway – and so I run up to this back patio and knock and the lady of the house yells ‘come on in’ – so I do, only this little alligator follows me in. It wasn’t a baby – it was like a full grown miniature one. It was about dachshund size. So, this minigator kept trying to jump up on my leg and get me to touch it and I was scrambling all over this person’s living room, trying to get up to the highest point and get away from this thing. I was all over the tops of the couches and chairs and tables – trying to keep my towel on and get away from this amorous gator.

So then, the woman comes into the room from some other room and says, Oh that’s our pet – he’s tame. We trained him. And so I let the minigator sit next to me and I petted it. It looked up at me and smiled and I said to it “you remind me so much of my Mr. B” The skin felt so strange. Anyway – I don’t know what that dream means – but it was so vivid and bizarre.

Well – I guess I’d better go. I need to call Chad.

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