Goooooood Morning

Just thought I would get a word or two in before the day begins to spiral out of control. Today is our board meeting. I have to serve as a backup minute taker. Which means I have to sit at a dais in front of all sorts of people. Nothing like the 1500 people I had to present to at conference day. I don't know if I wrote about that or not. Anyway - so - I dressed well today. Am wearing my new red pumps. Georgi and I went shopping last Friday night and had a blast. We bought matching shoes- hers in pink and mine in black. Then I bought these red shoes. They are too cute.

Anyway- she's so much fun - if not a little batty. But we have a great time. A cool thing is that we wear the same shoe size - so we traded shoes that night because my feet were killing me (loafers) and her shoes were awesome (pink birkenstocks).

ANYWAY - things are going pretty good here. Still loving my new job. Hope that I can continue to say that for awhile. Chad is liking his new thing okay - although there have been some snags. BUT - nothing too terrible. OW - stomach hurting.

Anyway - so I'm sitting up here waiting for people to arrive to have their picture taken for our "wall of fame". Then I have to go over to the Board meeting and am held captive until whenever they decide to wrap things up. They're supposed to go into executive session - so I can bet I'll be stuck there until 2 or 3. Oh well - at least I get to leave early. I got here at 10 til 7! What a morning! Only this venti iced mocha from starbucks is helping. Good grief.

Been reading the DaVinci code and its really good. I guess all the hype is well-founded (go figure).

Tonight we have our alpha class at church. It's a class I'm loving - kind of an introduction to christianity as a whole - which, of course, is a no-brainer for me (or so I suppose) but not for Chad. It's great because there's a little dinner in the beginning where you get to really get to know people and then we watch this video from a church in London (great accent this guy has) and then there's discussion. I love it! Last week we had the intro class and I really loved the speaker guy.

Jimbo's birthday is this Sunday night. I ordered him a roots music collection from NPR which I think he will LOVE. I do hope it comes in before then.

Anyway - what else, what else . . .?

Got my sister's shower invitations sent yesterday. They are too cute - all fall themed. I hope we have a good turnout.

Well - guess I will go for now. Hope this day isn't too taxing.

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