Sticker Shock - A list of eleven things you were horrified to know the price of once you were out in the "real world."

November 23, 2004
1. The price of sheets. (People please!!! I almost fainted when I bought my first pair.)

2. The price of pots. Decent ones, that is.

3. The price of taking pictures at any place other than Sears or Walmart. (What are you using . . . liquid gold to develop these things?)

4. The price of having something “custom-framed.” (Are you joking with me?)

5. The price of a drink in any big city club. (EIGHT dollars? Did you say EIGHT?)

6. The price of a wedding cake. (Basically, anything associated with a wedding is so over-priced it’s disgusting.)

7. The price of eating at a craphole like Shoney’s. (Geez! I could have eaten at Chili’s or Applebees and paid the same! WTF?)

8. The price of a large coffee and muffin at Starbucks (now think back to the first time you ever bought this.)

9. The price of the “good” toilet paper.

10. What the words “market price” mean when the bill comes. Never, EVER good.

11. The price of any and all “installation and setup” fees (which could mean charging $100 for plugging a phone into the wall, picking it up, getting a dial tone and then putting their beefy hand out for money).

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