Eleven Things I am Thankful For

December 01, 2004
Ok- so there’s much to tell. I guess I will start with a list.

Eleven Things I am Thankful for:
1. My weird and wonderful husband, Chad.
2. Mr. B – the world’s most beautiful dachshund. Actually – this reminds of the song I composed to the tune of The Beatles’ “Let it Be” which goes When I find myself in times of trouble, a furry baby comes to me – the world’s most beautiful dachshund, Mister B – and in my hour of darkness, he is cuddled to the right of me –the world’s most beautiful dachshund, Mister B And so on and so on . . .
3. Owning my own home – with wood floors and a fenced yard!
4. My family – steps included.
5. My new church – very cool – mentally stimulating.
6. Prozac- even though I still have the fear of the “poop-out.”
7. My job!!! Still loving it in spite of the tickets snafu.
8. The beetle.
9. Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha
10. Stretch pants, jeans, etc.
11. The grace of God.

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