Happy Shmoo Year's

January 01, 2005
So here I am on New Year’s Day. It’s the day my stepbrother Adam is getting married to Jenny. We’ll head to the church later on.

So - good grief - where do I begin? I have so much to write about - but I’m sure I shouldn’t write it all in this entry, so I’ll focus on the trip itself.

The GREAT news is that the seatbelt FIT! AND I could even pull a little slack - not much - but just enough to give me a bit of confidence.

In other news - the entirety of the getting here experience was relatively crappy. The first flight was delayed, then cancelled. Then we had to play this silly little game of musical planes - which we all know what that leads to.

That’s right, friends.

Hasta la vista luggage.

After 24 hours, as we stood in the airport like refugees and Chad screamed into his cell phone - the luggage reached mythic proportions in my head. I saw it like a vision in my exhausted mind - the four bags surrounded by halos of light and a cloud of mist - making their descent down the belt and onto the luggage carousel. The bags floating and flying into our arms. Just an image of the bags was like a miraculous vision. (We’d stopped back by the airport that night because a baggage customer service person had informed us that they should be there.)

The bags were in Sacramento. Sunning it up. I can only wonder if my green bag is to blame. It was the one who frolicked in Atlanta while I waited in angst in Dallas last June.

The interesting and perhaps good news is that Chad had unknowingly taken out a travel insurance policy with American Express - one of those situations where they called and he said “yeah” and “uh huh” about 12 times and ended up with some policy that we’d probably never use. Only we did. Get a load of this - since our luggage was lost for 3 hours - we could spend up to $500 on replacement needs and have it ALL reimbursed by Amex.


I’ll continue this later - as Chad is behind me, pacing like a bull and waiting to get online. I can’t help but think that if our roles were reversed, he wouldn’t be so accommodating.

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