Confessions of a Sociopath

February 13, 2005
Went to church this morning – where I received the “haven’t seen you in a while” lines from several people. Made me a little sick and guilty, but I just smiled and pretended that I’d been going to the early service instead of this one. I mean- it was only 2 services!

The service, coincidentally, was all about guilt – good guilt and bad guilt and whatnot. Anyway – the word sociopath was thrown out there –where you just don’t feel guilty about anything that you do wrong.

Anyway – well when we get home, Chad says that he thinks he may be a sociopath.


Actually I really REALLY think it’s a man thing. And I KNOW how that sounds- sexist and ignorant – but I mean- just think about it for a minute.

99% of all the men that I have known have done all manner of horrible unethical things and when faced with the facts, will justify it one way or another – thus absolving themselves of all guilt.

Either that or they’ll just say “Fuck ‘em!” (pardonnez ma francais).

You can even picture it without any effort – just think of that one asshole frat guy we’ve all seen, cap perched atop his head, wearing one of the MILLION greek party souvenir tee shirts every single one of these people seem to own. Add beer, vulnerable women and stir.

I'm not trying to be sexist here, but I've even had to look at my own father and brother (whom I adore) from time and time and say - my GOD you are such a thoughtless jerk!

Guilt is an interesting topic.

I would have to say that most of the guilt in my life is related to food.

Today – I assaulted a platter of nachos and a mocha frapuccino.

Which reminds me –

In the car on the way home from Super Target, Mr. Sociopath himself makes a snide comment about how I’m “voraciously sucking down” my frap.

So I frown at him and say – You don’t love your GIRL?

And he says – I’d just like to love a little less of you.

I know that it was all in good fun – AND I did make several fat jokes about him earlier – one which specifically insulted the man breasts – so I had it coming I suppose.

Anywho – more later. We’re getting geared up for the Grammys tonight.

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