Give Me a Brake (or 4)

April 01, 2005
Well, yesterday was interesting to say the least. Ended up having to get all four of the rotors on my car replaced because my car sounded like a busy sawmill every time I came to a stop. I knew it was alarming, etc . . .But you know how we procrastinate. Well, if you didnt now you do.

So I went to the dreaded VW dealership and they went ballistic when they saw them, etc. etc.

Anyway - $539 later Im all good to go.

Just sitting here at the front desk watching CNN on the plasma screen. Its all about the Pope right now.

Last night Jimbo came and stayed with me- awww, how sweet.

He then proceeded to eat and drink me out of house and home. He ate the rest of the peanut butter m&ms and drank at least 4 C2s. He gobbled down chips and God only knows what else.

Boys and their snack foods. And their GAMES for that matter!

Good grief- Im so sick of all of these games. Im telling you now that if the house were burning down around my brother, hed say, Wait just let me finish this level.

Case in point: I called him from the dealership last night (because I knew he was planning on coming over later anyway) to see if he could leave and come and get me and bring me home since I wasnt really prepared to have to leave the thing there overnight.

Well says he, I guess I can be there in about an hour.


I heard the faint clicking and the little springy sounds of the Gamecube joystick.

Great dude. Leave your PREGNANT sister outside of a deserted VW dealership IN THE RAIN!!!

Then hes all, Well, I have to get ready!

Now, hes just coming over to my house. Were going to eat dinner that I cook and watch a movie and then Im going to bed while he stays up playing with our DVR and shoving handfuls of peanut butter m&ms in his mouth. What he has to get ready for is beyond my understanding.

Forget it. Im calling Jessie.

And I did. And she arrived promptly in 15 minutes.

Jimbo, I love you dude - but thank God our parents didn't stop having kids after you came along!

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