Tired and Achey

April 29, 2005
The Beatlesí ďIím So TiredĒ is playing in my head right now Ė because I AM!!!

And to think Ė I stayed home yesterday from work, woke up to call in, and then slept from about 9:00 until 2:30 pm!!!! What is that Ė almost SIX HOURS???? Beanie is sucking me dry Ė already! AND I went to bed at a decent hour!

Anyway Ė well, I hosted Pokeno Wednesday night, which was a BLAST!!! We had great fun! Iím so glad Karen and Amanda joined us. I didnít win anything, of course, but I didnít care. Of course, in the preliminaries of setting up, I ran myself ragged and at one point was laying on the bed, drenched in sweat under the full-blast ceiling fan, praying that the clock really didnít say 6:50. (They were all arriving at 7:00)

My friends totally stepped up to the plate though and were like ďYou go sit down, youíre pregnant. Weíll get the drinks fixed. Weíll put the bread in the oven.Ē That was really great.

I couldnít get to sleep that night and my back was really hurting from the fall.

Oh yeah Ė I probably didnít mention that.


I was coming in from the rain, I walked in the door I usually come in, wiped my feet on the rug, and my first step off of the rug and onto the linoleum sent me flying. I landed hard on my ass! I sat there stunned for about 10 seconds, and then all of the people in the nearby offices began to flood out with looks of horror on their face, since most of them know that Iím pregnant. They helped me up, I laughed it off, went into my office, closed the door and promptly burst into tears. I was so worried. I kept thinking, ďMy God, is this whatís going to cause me to lose the baby???? A wet floor and a sandal with no grippy bottom?Ē

Of course, K (my new boss) told me to call my doctor, who told me that unless I was bleeding and cramping I would be fine. Alas, Iíve hurt my back some kind of way. I donít think I did any permanent damage, but itís sore and irritated. And now it seems that my abdominals (HA! Ė sorry, I know we ALL have abdominals but that word just seems to be associated with washboard abs and commercials for Bowflex and not associated with this double-roll disaster Iíve got going on between my boobs and my crotch) have overcompensated for my back and are VERY sore. At first I thought that the pain was the telltale miscarriage cramping Ė until I began to realize that itís very surface. Now, it hurts to laugh, sneeze, cough, sit, stand . . . you name it!

Anyway Ė so after Pokeno, I took Tylenol PM, because itís one of the only things thatís safe to take, and it really knocked me out. It was more like Tylenol PM and AM and PM again.

After rising from my coma yesterday, I sat around doing nothing. I took a break from the internet yesterday, which was okay. Of course I was right back on the horse this morning as soon as I got into work.

Chad came home last night from Atlantic City. His blog today is quite funny. You should have a gander (LA-Not the Good One linked on the left).

And here I am. Sore stomach. Sore back. Icky all around. I just found some Tylenol in the first aid kit so I happily took that. K just told me that I should probably go see the doctor. I donít know how all of that works, considering the fact that I had to fill out an accident report, etc. Who knows? It may mean that I get to go home early!!! HURRAH!

Anyway Ė look out weekend, here I come.

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