I AM Alive!!!

August 30, 2005
Well kids . . . just wanting to let you know that I am alive and all is semi-okay.

Actually, after watching CNN and local coverage all day to the point where I am almost catatonic, I will say that I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

I'm currently staying with family. We have ZERO ELECTRICITY and it's hot as hell . . . so I'm not at home. We sustained no damage at home, though. So that's a relief.

Me and Jude are okay. Just tired. Chad left for Sacramento today - for work of course.

Work has been closed since Monday and will be tomorrow.

Ummm -it's weird because places that I was walking around at in New Orleans 2 weeks ago are now underwater.

Anywho - please keep us in your prayers. It's horrible what has happened and all of those people are evacuating here and looking for help. I hope I can pitch in some kind of way.

More when I can . . .

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