Shower Power

October 03, 2005

So – I finally had my baby shower on Saturday.

I had set myself up for complete failure – for no shows and a roomful of empty chairs. I don’t know why I did this – but it worked out in the end because we had a pretty good turn-out!

Now – you may as well know the rest of the outline for this post is going to be all –
I. it was great but –
II. insert complaint here – drone on and on
III. re-establish gratitude and thankfulness for even having a caring family.

Need I even write any more?

Okay – well – the issue is that everyone wants to buy you clothes. LOTS of clothes. And I will admit that before I was expecting, I, too, wanted to hear the oohs and aahs when the mommy-to-be pulled my adorable outfit out of the gift bag.

But when a person gets a magnitude of clothes at a shower it means that the person still has about $600 worth of absolute necessities left to purchase (high chair, stroller(s), carrier, pack and play, jumperoo, bottles, pacifiers, monitor, etc.) Okay – maybe just $300 immediate purchases. But still . . .

Okay so on to item III on the outline.

I was thrilled to have a good turnout and people who cared enough to buy me lots of adorable outfits for the boy. I mean – after all – that’s the fun stuff. I can’t wait to play dress up with him. And I’ve read horror stories where no-one showed up for a shower, etc. And THANK GOD we actually can afford to buy some of this stuff – because so many people have nothing. AND if I have to pick up a thing or two at Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul – well – that’s okay. I’m not going to be a snob about it or anything.

Anyway – it’s all housed in my living room at the moment. We’re in the process of painting the nursery and the floor can’t be put in until the painting is done. So . . .

Well – on to photos:

My favorite outfit – from my mom (who also is purchasing the very practical baby furnishings along with the rest of the grandparents). She said he needed to look like his Daddy. I don’t know if I mentioned that Chad wears a lot of polo. He says it really stands the test of time –and I guess I would have to agree with him. If you’ve ever seen what a “larger man” can do to a pair of pants – well . . . He’s had some of his polo slacks for over 6 years and they look perfect.

My second favorite outfit – it says Geaux Tigers – in honor of LSU, my alma mater.

Me opening gifts and looking gargantuan.

The happy parents-to-be

I really love this one:

And here is a link to all of the photos – although Chad made the pictures a little too big so –bear with it. And know that I look like Jabba the Hutt in red pants.

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